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Farewell letter

Dear INTERATE Participants,

It’s hard to believe that it is time to send this final goodbye to “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship” Intensive Programme. How is it possible that 3 editions of the project went by so quickly? This was truly an amazing IP and it was a big pleasure to meet you all during these 3 years!

We started to write this letter during the last edition of INTERATE. We were sitting in the lobby of Green Hotel in Vilnius and looked at your cheerful faces, laughing loudly and discussing lively some issues. Some of you almost rolled on the floor laughing. We wanted to capture the sounds of your laugh, the look of your smiling faces…. It was just one of many awesome moments this edition and inspired us to write this message to you.

The whole project started three years ago (2012) and none of us knew then how this IP would look like, and what is most important – if the IP would meet your expectations. We were full of doubts. Apparently, each edition was totally different and had different, unique vibrations, but every time we spent two amazing weeks with you and regretted so much when the project was drawing to a close. During the three years 114 students and 20 teachers from Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain and Poland took part. It is really a lot!

INTERATE2012 – the blue and the first edition, we had the opportunity to host 32 amazing students and 15 teachers from 7 European partner Higher Education Institutions. This was a marvelous feeling when we all took these blue t-shirts and walked around the university campus and Bydgoszcz wearing them. Did you know that UoE students and teaching staff called us “Smurfs”? We cannot forget when you were so excited when preparing presentations for Marketing Strategy for Bydgoszcz module and presented them in front of the city authorities. You can believe us that some of your ideas were used and introduced to Bydgoszcz’ promotion strategy. It was really hard to say goodbye at the very end of the project.

INTERATE2013 – the green edition. Having good experience from the first edition of the IP, we had more courage and self-assurance while organizing the second cycle of the project. We were also very happy that our INTRATE is growing because in 2013 we could meet 40 students and 15 teachers! This edition was also full of amazing moments. Do you remember the moment when all students and teachers were dancing in the circle and showing some funny gestures that others had to repeat? It happened during the Lithuanian “Meet my country” day. We cannot also erase from our memory the moment when your teachers kept the fingers crossed for your during your final presentations on the last day of the project. We all admired you working so hard and fiercely on the solutions to the business problem delivered by the Holiday Inn hotel.

INTERATE2014 – the orange and the Vilnius edition. This year we decided to change the location of the IP and move the project to International School of Law and Business in Vilnius. We burst with pride when we found out that the edition of INTERATE would be at the same time the biggest one! 42 students and 15 teachers came to Vilnius in order to work together in multinational groups. It was fruitful experience to have study visit to the biggest conference and exhibition center in Lithuania – LitEXPO. We spent also amazing time strolling with narrow streets in Vilnius. We cannot forget the farewell dinner when we danced and sang to traditional folk Lithuanian music.

We wish you all the best in your future and hope that INTERATE will stay in your memories forever – as in our case, and relationships made in Bydgoszcz and Vilnius will last for many years!

Łukasz Jasiński & Aleksandra Niezbrzycka






The Intensive Programme "International Approaches to Entrepreneurship" (INTERATE) is a multilateral project in cooperation between 8 European Higher Education Institutions. The IP is designed to develop the participating students" skills needed for successful entrepreneurship implementing an intercultural multidisciplina...


An Intensive Programme (IP) is a short programme of study which brings together students and teaching staff from higher education institutions of at least three participating countries. It can last from 10 continuous full days to 6 weeks of subject related work.  An IP aims at: Encouraging efficient and ...