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All good things come to an end!

The third and the last edition of “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship” INTERATE Intensive Programme came to an end on 24th May 2014. The end of the IP is an event that not many of INTERATE participants usually look forward to. However, the day arrived much quicker than anticipated.

This year we had the great opportunity to organize and coordinate INTERATE at International School of Law and Business in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is also worth mentioning that the edition was the biggest one, there were 42 students and 15 teachers from 6 European countries: Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. During two very intensive weeks of the IP, participants had a unique opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial skills and gain knowledge in economics, intercultural communication, effective presentation, project management and strategic management. Besides they took part in the Simulation Game which constituted one of the IP modules. The students had to find a solution to a real business problem concerning the biggest conference and exhibition center in Lithuania - LitEXPO. Finally, the competition won Ella Lintunen, Gabriela Carrera, Bree Sarrazijn, and Lukas Čiapas.

Interate2014 the VIlnius edition started!

The Intensive Programme INTERATE2014 with 42 students and 15 teachers from Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Spain started at International School of Law and Business in Vilnius! Despite the not so friendly, wet and windy weather, all teachers and students came smiling and full of enthusiasm for the INTERATE 2014 opening ceremony.

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