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INTERATE 2012 - over the flash!

A great one, really truly a great IP! We had pleasure to host amazing students and teachers from five European countries: Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain and Poland. During those two very intensive weeks, all of INTERATE students had an opportunity to improve their skills in the fields like economics, intercultural communication, effective presentation, project management and strategic management. Moreover, during the first week they were working on the marketing strategy for Bydgoszcz. They main goal was to find out whether Bydgoszcz city is ready for organizing a huge football event. The second week was packed full of activities regarding Simulation Game. The students had to find a solution to a real business problem concerning a new start-up. The competition was very fierce but only on team could take first place, congratulations to Ausra Brukmanaite, Ayse Dilek Yildiz, Jelle Oosterlinck, Renato Roznyik! Apart from learning, we spent amazing time together, participating in different activities starting with “ice-breakers” and ending with a trip to Gdańsk.
One more time, thank you for being with us during those two very intensive weeks! Hope you had so much fun as we had :-)

The first week of INTERATE has gone at snap of the fingers!

It is amazing how quickly the first week of the Intensive Programme “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship” INTERATE2012 has gone by. During those first seven days, students from Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary and Poland had the opportunity to learn about among others: effective intercultural communication, giving a professional presentation and designing a business plan. What is more, from the very beginning they have been working on a marketing strategy for Bydgoszcz. In order to collect some important data and answer the question: “Is Bydgoszcz ready for organizing a big international sport event?” all the participants visited the City Hall and met with the authorities of the city. The students seem to be tired after the first week but very enthusiastic at the same time. The Entrepreneur Cup is right around the corner!

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